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Visa on arrival in Nepal – useful information

Our friends and guests often ask us about arrival and visa application in Nepal.
We know that it is so confusing at Kathmandu airport, when you arrive after long flight, there are many people, no signs: what to do, where to go, how to get visa!

Here in short we have guidelines for your arrival at Kathmandu Airport 🙂

Before you fly:
– NO NEED PASSPORT PHOTO. Not anymore! Read more below to find out
– VISA ON ARRIVAL – you don’t need to apply before you fly, you will do everything at the airport.
– Prepare USD or EUR at arrival (no indian currency allowed!)
30USD for 15 days visa
50USD for 30 days visa
125USD for 90 days visa

When you arrive at the airport, there are three steps:

Find nice white modern box on the left side of arrival hall. From the entry to the arrival hall look to your left hand side.
Scan your passport, follow instruction to fill necessary information (location of your stay, duration, type of visa) The machine will take a picture of you too.
When you fill up everything, machine will print out your visa application receipt.

Right after that, nearby visa application machines, you will see counter to pay the visa fee. Go there with ready amount.
You can pay by card, but you will be charged extra.
There is currency exchange, but the rates are high – so better be prepared. You cannot exchange indian currency into nepale rupie.

There are counters on the right side of the hall (looking from your entry to the hall) where you finally bring visa fee receipt and visa application. Give there your passport with the documents in the right counter.
There are separate counters for those who don’t require visa (chinese visitors), those who apply for 14/30 days, for 90 days, or those who already have visa etc.
When you complete those three steps, you can go downstairs to get your luggage and finally exit the airport. Make sure you get sticker with visa and arrival stamp 😉


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